Installation Manual

  • This product contains glass parts. Care must be taken when fitting or handling these parts to prevent injury or product damage.
  • It is essential for your Glassfitti whiteboard to be hung on a wall of suitable load bearing capacity.
  • Please also ensure your intended installation area is not situated close to electrical wiring or pipes.
  • We do not recommend using your board close to areas of high heat or moisture.

 Important Care in use

  • Do not strike the glass board with any hard or pointed object.
  • Do not position the mirror close to excessive heat or moisture.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning substances to clean the board.
  • Do not hang the mirror in areas with risk of accidental impact.

If you require further guidance or information, please email


Hanging Instruction

- Measure the distance between the two fixings on the back of your board.

- Use a spirit level to mark the distance on the wall. This will be the distance between your two screw fixings.

- Drill 2 holes for the wall fixings and screws. Leaving approx. 10mm of the screw protruding from the wall.

- Hang the board on screws, making sure it is stable before releasing.